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Alpina LLC produces and sells mineral flame retardants based on aluminum hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and hydromagnesite for the production of difficult-to-burn composite materials
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The strategic objective of Alpina LLC is to secure the position of a reliable alternative supplier of both a wide range of traditional mineral flame retardants and innovative flame retardants that guarantee a combination of high functional characteristics with significant economic efficiency.

three largest integrated polymer processing companies in Russia
Alpina LLC is one of the
To be a reliable reality for customers in the market, relying on the development of long-term partnerships
Corporate strategy
> 40 tons/year
production facilities
lines for grinding mineral flame retardants
line for specialized surface treatment
The entire range of our products is made on the basis of raw materials of Russian origin, which allows regular quality control of raw materials both at the production stage and at the processing stage. It is this approach to quality control of raw materials that allows us to guarantee the stability of the final product, and as a result, to meet the requirements of the most refined customers.
Alpina LLC aims to meet the steadily growing demands from the market, which is constantly searching for Low-Cost products that can meet the high requirements of existing and new technological standards, and as a result, successfully replace expensive synthetic flame retardants


own warehouses of raw materials and finished products
wagons as part of its own railway line and rolling stock
production facilities are located on the territory of Russian Federation
> 10 000 m

Research Center

In 2016, a research center
was established on the basis of Alpina LLC
The research center is equipped with modern analytical equipment for the development of new polymer composite materials, conducting input and output quality control, as well as technical support for customers.
производство российских антипиренов

Center Equipment

A wide range of research
equipment and accumulated many years of experience in the field of polymer composite materials
This is what makes it possible for Alpina LLC to create polymer composite materials according to the client's technical specifications. We provide technical support not only at the implementation stage, but also at all subsequent production stages.