AlpiCite 5

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Mineral filler in thermoplastic, thermosetting, rubber compound and PVC-composition.
Micronized synergistic blend of mineral flame retardants.

Application areas:

— Cables
— Floor coverings
— Profiles
— Pipes

Packaging and storage:

The product is delivered in big-bag soft containers. Best before 120 days from the delivery date.

Particle size distribution

Volume, %
Particle size, μm

Product Features

Physical characteristics
Specific gravity
Bulk density (untamped)
Bulk density (tamped)
Test method
White powder
2,6 g/cm³
ISO 787/10
0,65 g/cm³
DIN 1060
1,05 g/cm³
ISO 787/11
< 0,5%
ISO 787/2
Sieve analysis (> 45 μm)
ISO 787/7
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